Thaipusam is A Hindu religious event honoring Lord-Murugan.

In Singapore, devotees carry kavadis in procession from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on Serangoon Road to Sri Thandayuthapani Temple, also known as Chettiars Temple on Tank Road.

Kavadis are semicircular metal frames decorated with fruits, flowers and peacock feathers.

They are supported by steel spikes and hooks that rest on hooks pierced through the carrier’s skin.

One month prior to the event, devotees prepare themselves by praying, fasting and eating only one vegetarian meal a day.

Devotees are to follow a strict regime preparing themselves for the big event, they are not supposed to shave hair and not eating meat.

Traffic will be regulated along Serangoon Road as the devotees are in the procession. It is a spectacular sight!


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