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The social visit pass can be easily renewed by a quick trip across into Johor, Malaysia. You may also renew your visa at the he Checkpoint Authority office; but for this you will require a local sponsor who is a citizen or permanent resident.

The social visit pass is free, renewable subject to approval.

There is some confusion and discrepancy between visas issued at the airport and the causeway, visitors sometimes get caught out and inadvertently over stay which can have very unpleasant consequences in Singapore.

For example, of you fly in and get a 30 days pass and two days later you drove into Malaysia and returned you will be issued with a 14 day pass.

Check the date that is stamped in your passport to be in the safe side, as one of the punishments open to the authorities for overstay of visa is caning.

Visitors can apply for a longer Pass; say 90 days and applications are considered on the merits of the case.

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