Singapore Visa Online Information

Singapore Visa Online Application offers 2 options

Choose one of the 2 ways to submit your Singapore Entry Visa


1. Apply through the trusted partners at the following countries:

* Bangladesh

* Brunei

* Egypt

* India

* Malaysia

* People's Republic of China

* Philippines

* Qatar

* Saudi Arabia

* Singapore

* Thailand

* United Arab Emirates

For a list of the trusted partners, please visit the ICA official website.


2. Apply through a local contact with a SingPass.

This can be an easy option if you have relatives or friends who are Singaporeans. SingPass is issued to all Singaporeans which allows them to access to all government services.


Why Apply online?

It saves admin time for applicants, simply visit the trusted partner or asking a local contact to complete the online application.

Singapore Visa Online Information at ICA Official Website.


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