Variety of Singapore Noodles

Background of Singapore Noodles

Noodles were originally from China and the early Chinese settlers introduced noodles to the region.

Indians, Malays and Peranakans use noodles as their staple and that gives more variety to Singapore noodle dishes.

Main ingredients of noodles are wheat, rice, water and sometimes beans.

Noodles have different thickness and shape, I will provide a list of noodle dishes and their descriptions later in this page.


Mee or Mian?

You might have heard of "La Mian", "Mee", "Hor Fun", "Bee Hoon", so which one is noodles in Chinese?

All of the above, but why do they sound so differenly?

Chinese in Singapore are of different dialect groups and each dialect has its own noodle specilties.

For Cantonese, rice noodles are called "Fun" wheares the same thing is called "Hoon" in Hokkien (People from China Fujian province)

Mee in hokkien simply means noodles made from wheat, water and eggs. In Mandarin, it is called "Mian" and the noodles are made of wheat and water only.


Common Singapore Noodles

Wheat Flour Noodles

Mee Kia and Mee Pok

- Made from wheat flour, water and eggs. Mee kia is thinner in shape and it is used for dishes such as Wanton noodle and Dumpling noodles.

- Mee Pok is broader and flatter in shape.

- Both can be used for Bar Chow Mee, which is minced pork noodles for Hokkien and Teochew.


Hokkien Mee

- A bright yellow noodles soaked in alkali and it is commonly used for Fish Ball Noodle, Fried Hokkien Mee.


Yee Mee

- Made from wheat and water and deep fried. A common Cantonese dish at Hot Wok stalls in hawker centres.


E-fu Mee

- A flatten version of Yee Mee. It is a celebration dish served during birthday or wedding feast.


Rice Flour Noodles

White in color and instead of wheat or wheat flour, rice flour is used.


Kway Teow

- This rice noodle is smooth in texture, long and flat in shape. It is commonly used for Char Kway Teow


Hor Fun

- A Cantonese style rice noodle broader in shape than Kway Teow. Common dishes such as Bee Hor Fun and Seafood Hor Fun.


Kway Chap Rice Sheet

- A Teochew style rice noodle made into square sheets.


Bee Hoon

- Rice vermicelli that is thin and translucent. It is hard in raw form and need to soak into water to soften the noodles before cooking.

- Thicker version is called Chor Bee Hoon. Both are commonly used for soup noodles such as Laksa and Seafood Bee Hoon.


Bee Tai Bak

A worm shape rice noodles chewy in texture. For dishes such as Fish Ball Noodle.


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