Pamper Your Taste Bud With Singapore Food!"

"Singapore food culture..."

Whenever I am away from home, home food (Singapore food) is what I miss the most.

There are numerous Hawker Centres and Local Coffee Shops serving variety of Western, Indian Vegetarian, Indian Muslim, Malay food, Indonesian food, Chinese Hokkien, Chinese Hakka, Chinese Teochew...

All within one hawker centre or coffee shop. The food variety in Singapore is really amazing!

Singapore food culture was much influenced by our forefathers coming from other parts of Asia and the Western countries.

The readily available spices and ample fresh food supply here make it even easier for us to cook anything close to hometown style food.

I strongly encourage visitors to explore local Singapore food Hawker Centres, Coffee Shops, Food Courts and local food outlets with a heritage (absolutely delicious and very affordable too!).


Local eating habits

- Seat Reservation with tissue packs.

It is a Singaporean habit and can be shocking to the visitors. At local food centres, the self-service concept is prevalent which means, you have to join the queue for the food you want to buy and bring it to where you want to sit.

Hawkers centres are crowded especially during peak hours, the locals reserve seats with their "belongings" such as tissue packs, umbrellas, jackets and etc.

It has been controversial and some call it seats hogging. So far, there has not been any violence or major disputes caused by this unique habit of Singaporeans.


List of Local Singapore Food

Chinese Food

- Chicken Rice

- Ba Kuh Teh

- Prawn Noodles

- Fried Kway Teow

- Hokkien Mee

- Fish Noodles, Rice, Soup

- Chinese Hot Wok

- Laksa

- wanton Mee

- Char Siew Rice

- Ban Mian, Yew Mian

- Duck Rice

- Teochew Porridge

- Hakka Niang tou Fu

- Hot Pot

- Claypot Rice

- pig's Organ Soup

- Fish Ball Noodles

- Satay Bee Hoon

- Beef Noodles

- Chinese Rojak

- Chinese Pancakes

- Herbal Soup & Rice


Malay Muslim Food

- Mee Siam

- Mee Goreng

- Nasi Lemak

- Tohu Goreng

- Mee Rabus

- Nasi Briyani

- Gambing Soup

- Laksa

- Goreng Pisang

- Curry Puff

- Fried Chicken Wings


Indian Muslim Food

- Nasi Bryani

- Roti Prata

- Mutabak (with chicken or mutton)

- Chicken Tekka

For more information of Muslim Food, click here...


Indian Vegetarian Food

- Vegetarian Rice

- Thosai

- Naan

- Banana Leaf Rice set

- Batura

- Poori


Western Food

- Chicken Chop

- Chicken Cutlet

- Pork Chop

- Beef Steak

- Spring Chicken

- Burgers



- BBQ Squid Rice Set

- BBQ Chicken Drum Stick Rice Set


Local Beverages

- Teh

- Coffee

- Lassi

- Bandong

- Teh Tarik

- Teh Halia

- Sugar Cane Juice

- Soya Bean Milk

In recent years, there are Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese Food stalls in hawker centres.



- Durian


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