"Fun Activities In Singapore Chinatown"

Singapore Chinatown is always busy with hawkers selling tropical fruits and street snacks. Only during the Chinese New Year when most of the retail shops and food stores are closed.


- Early Chinese migrants from China Canton and Fujian province settled at where Chinatown is.


Eating in Chinatown

- There are both expensive and cheaper options so do look around. Chinatown is famous for good and cheap food, so don't forget to sample the local food here.


How to Get There

- MRT Station Outram Park or Chinatown. MRT is the fastest mode of public transport as compared to public buses. If you are taking buses, get off at Eu Tong Sen Street.

Singapore Chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


**Insider's tips**

Chinatown MRT station has 2 exits, Exit A and C. Exit A will lead you to the more touristy area where you will visit places such as Chinatown Heritage Centre, and rows of tourist souvenir shops and restaurants serving Seafood and other local Chinese food.

Chinatown Complex MRT station Exit C

To try authentic local food, go to Jalan Besar Town Chinatown Complex which is a short 3 minutes walk from Exit A. Go to the second floor hawker centre. They serve wonderful local Chinese food from Cantonese to Hokkien and fusion styles at very reasonable prices. For more information of Chinatown Complex, click here...

Exit C will lead you to the places where the locals go to. Besides hawker food stalls and retail shops, there are Chinese Medical Clinics. If you are looking for inexpensive Chinese Tailoring, go to People's Park Complex


Chinese, Malays and Indian Historical Landmarks

- Besides Chinese buildings such as temples and Clan associations, there is a small number of Indians and Muslims residing in Chinatown too.

- There is a Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple and Jamae Chulia Mosque within walking distance from Chinatown MRT station.


Sri Mariamman Temple

Singapore Chinatown Pagoda Street - It may sound strange that the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore is found in Chinatown. The temple was built in 1827 and it is one of the most important worship places in Singapore. Hindus celebrate the Thimithi Festival here every October of the year. It is a test of their faith as believers walk over burning charcoal with their bare feet.

- Around and behind the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, there is the Chinatown Complex, a popular place among tourists and locals. The Chinatown Complex consists of 2 levels and a basement.

- The basement is a wet market mainly visited by the locals, I come here once a week for groceries such as fish, beef and soya products.

- Shops on the first level is catered to the local traditional Chinese folks, selling clothes and shoes, CDs, towels, umbrellas and even Chinese wedding essentials.

- The Hawker food center on the 2nd floor is a favorite place among Singaporeans for tasty and inexpensive local food. There is a German cuisine offering German beer and sausages.


Walking Tour Suggestion - In and around Chinatown of Singapore

- One of the best way to see Chinatown is to do so on foot.


Singapore Chinatown Walking Tour Route 1

- Estimated time - 1 to 2 hours

- Between Eu Tong Sen Street and South Bridge Road

- Start from Exit A of Chinatown MRT Station, walk along Pagoda Street, Temple Street and Smith Street. Rows of newly restored Chinese style buildings painted in vivid colors. There are shops selling souvenirs and the usual tourist merchandises.

- If you want to know about the history of Singapore Chinatown, visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

Singapore Chinatown Temple Street


Singapore Chinatown Walking Tour Route 2

- Estimated time - 1 to 2 hours

- Club Street, Amoy Street , Cross Street and Maxwell Road, on the other side of South Bridge Road.

- This part of Chinatown is much quieter. Rows of former Chinese Clan Association buildings are now a favorite choice for offices, hotels and restaurants.

- Up slope of Erskine Road at the end of Ann Siang Road behind the Scarlet Hotel, there is Ann Siang Park where you can walk to Amoy Street and visit Al-Abrar Mosque and Thian Hock Keng Temple.

- Maxwell Food Centre, a famous landmark for Singapore local hawker food.

Singapore Chinatown Club Street


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