Leisure Activities at Singapore Changi Airport

"Singapore Changi Airport for leisure?"

I am not kidding when I suggest this. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable airports in Asia.

Locals like to visit the viewing towers. Kids are running about at the spacious Terminal 3. Meanwhile, family and friends enjoy their farewell lunch or dinner at one of the restaruants.

Established shopping facilities are available at all the 3 terminals.

Singapore Changi Airport


Transport And Getting Around

- Terminal 1, 2 and 3 are inter-connected by Sky Train. A free monorail train service shuttling between the 3 main terminals, except for The Budget Terminal.

- To access Budget Termianl, take the Shuttle Bus Service available at Terminal 2.

- SMRT train is a cheap and efficient mode of transport connecting you to other parts of Singapore.


Food, shopping and leisure facilities

This Award Winning World Class airport has 4 terminals. Terminal 1,2,3 and a Budget Terminal for no frills airlines such as Tiger Airways and Cebu Pacific.

The cozy environement, wonderful shopping, eating outlets and restaurants are the great attractions of Changi Airport.


Suggested activities at and around Singapore Changi Airport

- Many shops with a large offering is available at all the three airport terminals, including Departure Halls of Terminal 1 and 2. At the 1st, 3rd and 4th floor of Terminal 3.

Singapore Airport

- Enjoy a wide selection of cuisine at the many restaurants. For local fair, check out the foodcourt at Terminal 3 basement.

- Students like to study at the airport, because of the cozy environment of course!

- Viewing Gallery, mostly enjoyed by visitors and families.

- Visit Singapore Expo which is one MRT stop away from Changi Airport Station. There are regular events such as Book Fair, IT Fair and etc.


Transit Activities Suggestions

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