Why Not Breaksfast With Orangutan?

It is a cool idea! Breakfast with wildlifes such as orangutans, snakes and other animals at Singapore Zoo.
Some Facts About Orang Utans

- Orang utans are native wildlifes to Malaysia and Indonesia

- There are two species: Sumatra Orang Utans and Borneo Orang Utans

- They are active and need a lot of activities keeping them occupied

- Orang Utan eats fruits,leaves,seeds,bark and insects.

- They are an endangered animal
Singapore Zoo, The world's first orang utan free ranging area.

Ah Meng, an Icon of the Singapore Zoo.

"Ah Meng" is the name of a female Sumatran Orangtuan well loved by many.

You might have seen her whenever you came across posters of Singapore Tourism advertisements or other documentary.

She was given a home at the Singapore Zoo since 11 years old and she died in year 2008 at the age of 48.


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