Looking for Muslim Food in Singapore?

No worries! Muslim food or Halal Food is served at many places here in Singapore. Just look out for the Halal Certification displayed at the food stalls or restaurants.

Major fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC and Burger King are Halal certified.

In recent years, food outlets serving Chinese or Thai food are getting themselves Halal certified so that Muslims in Singapore get to enjoy more varieties of food.


Muslim Food - Malay dishes

Nasi Lemak

- Rice is steamed with coconut milk and it is served with Ikan Bilis, Chicken Drum Stick, cucumbers and vegetable pickles.

- Sambal chilli is a sweet and spicy paste, added to the dish. Many customers ask for extra Sambal because it is so tasty.


Nasi Goreng

- Adapt from Chinese fried rice, minced meat and shredded vegetables are added and the dish is fried with sambal belacan which is a spicy seasoning.

- It is always served with a sunny side up added on top of the fried rice


Nasi Ayam

-Simply means Chicken Rice, no difference from the Chinese dish except for being Halal.



- A coconut based curry stew with rice cakes called ketupat, carrots, a hard boiled egg, cabbage and bean curd.


Nasi Padang

- Indonesian style of Chinese Economical Rice. You get to choose dishes like vegetables, fried chicken wings and fried bean curd.


Mee Rebus

- Hokkien Mee with beat sprouts, dried bean curd called Tau Pok, served with a thick yellow gravy which is made of curry powder, peanuts, spices and dried shrimps.


Mee Siam

- Bee Hoon served with a hard boiled egg and a sweet and sour gravy. Dried Tau Pok and beat sprouts are added too.


Mee Soto

- The soup base noodle is served with shredded chicken meat.


Muslim Indian Food

Nasi Biryani

- A wonderful steamed rice with either chicken or mutton and herbs and spices. Aromatic and very delcious!


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