Mid Autumn Festival - Lanterns and Mooncakes

Mid Autumn Festival is an old festival celebrated by all Chinese in Singapore. It has its origin from China and also celebrated in Korea and Vietnam.

The festival falls on the 15th day of the eight month of the lunar calendar. It is marked as the beginning of harvest season.


Various legends

One of the better known ones was about this man called “Hou-Yi” who succeeded shooting down 8 suns which caused a huge drought during the time.

He was greatly rewarded and some time later created an immortal medicine. His wife “Chang-Er” who did not want her villain husband to succeed, took the medicine and flew to the moon.

During the festival, shops and bakeries selling lanterns and Moon Cakes.



- Traditional Lanterns are made of paper and it makes use of a lit candle to illuminate. These lanterns are art pieces as they are hand made and children of all ages love them.

- Modern Lanterns are plastic cartoon figures which are battery operated. They are inexpensive and reusable, more hardy than the traditional ones.



Moon Cakes

- Traditional mooncakes are made of lotus paste and salted egg yolks. Melon seeds and nuts are popular materials too. The best accompaniment will be hot Chinese Tea such as Oolong, Jasmine and Tie-Guan-Ying.


Modern Mooncakes

- New ingredients and local flavors are introduced to the variety. There is ice-cream mooncake, durian mooncakes and many more.


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