"Where to Obtain Map of Singapore?"

Map of Singapore is one of the first items you may look for when visitors first arrive at the airport. The good news is, the free of charge Singapore Tourist Maps are readily available at any Tourist Information Counters.

Walk along the Transit Area and you will find many tourist information and resources at the many Information Kiosks in Changi Airport.

The maps are available in multiple languages, such as English, chinese and Japanese.


Singapore Tourist Information

The Tourist Information Counters are stationed in town, hotels and major attractions. You will not encounter bogus Tourist Information counters and there will be no reap offs too.

The Entrance fees of our attractions, museums and public transport charges are the same for both local and visitors. Be assured that you are paying as much as the locals, we do not have double system whereby foreigners are paying a much higher fee when visiting our attractions and when commuting with our public transport.


Online Map Resources

Google earth and Google maps

They are the most common free of charge online map resources. I like it because there are many volunteers who update the google maps on their accord with the latest features.


Singapore Map By The Authority

The Singapore Authority has their version of online free online Map of Singapore Street Directory. The platform is east to naviagate and all you need to key in is the address, or street name, or the postal code of the destination.

I use it frequently for addresses in Singapore. They also provide basic public transport information.


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