Indian Food

Indian food has its strong presence in this region since the time of colonization.

In the 19th century, British landed in Singapore and they brought along hard labors who are mostly from the southern part of India.

They are the Tamils who love spices. Hindus do not eat beef and in most cases they are vegetarians. Common ingredients in their dishes are chili, coconut milk, beans, yogurt and mustard seeds. Rice is their staple.

North Indian food is different, less spicy and have bread to accompany their dishes.

Cow's milk, cream and Ghee are used for North Indian Cuisine instead of coconut milk.


Common Indian Food and Dishes

Nasi Biryani - Raw Basmati rice cooked with spices and meat. The rice will be soft and fragrant as the meat will be tender and juicy. An aromatic dish loved by many.

Nasi Goreng - An Indian Muslim dish with Chinese Fried Rice influence. Minced meat such as mutton and other spices and vegetables are the main ingredients.

Prata - Number 1 dish loved by all Singaporeans. It is a crispy pan fried "pancakes" made from wheat flour, water and butter (or ghee). Accompanied by fish or chicken curry. A common dish eaten as breakfast or supper.

Murtabak - It is a huge prata wrap with seasoned or grilled chicken or mutton (lamb) and onion.

Chapatti - Oil free bread made from wheat flour and water. Served with curry with meat or dhall (a bean mixture)

Fish Head Curry - A Singapore Indian dish using garoupa and other spices. Well loved by Indians and there is a Chinese Version to this dish.

Tulang - Mutton bone marrow and cooked with a spicy sauce. Served at Hawker centres Indian Muslim food stalls.


Thosai - Made from fermented rice flour. This crispy bread is usually eaten with curry, coconut chutney and sambar. A thicken version is called Uthappom.

Various combination such as plain Thosai, Egg Thosai, Masala Thosai (with mashed potato with spices).


Indian Rojak - Flour based batters deep fried until crispy. Some batters are plain or with eggs and fish cake. Served with a red sauce that is non-spicy and sweet.

Appam - Pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk. Eaten with sugar or curry.

Vadai - Soaked lentil mixture and deep fried. To be eaten with coconut chutney.

Putu Mayam - A bread that looks like weaved thin rice noodles.


Indian Food Naan

Naam - A North Indian leavened bread cooked in a clay oven. Seasonings such as garlic, dried fruits and curry. Good ones are chewy .

This is a North Indian Set meal, 2 pieces of naan , fried rice, curry and spicy sauces. At Ananda Bhavan Restaurant


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