Modern History of Singapore

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Singapore became one of the top busiest trading sea port (and still is today) since the time of British India Company managed the region.

There was a population surge as immigrants who are Chinese, Indian, Malays, Europeans and even Arabs and Armenians settled in Singapore.

They were the pioneers who created a land of prosperity.

After the Second World War, people in Singapore strongly felt that they should take charge and protect their land instead of relying on others.

In 1948, Singapore joined the Federation of Malaya. On 9 August 1965, Singapore became a sovereign state.


Economy and Development

Singapore's ideal geographical location and under the leadership of the presence government, Singapore has become an important trading and commerce hub.

In the 1980s, a steady growth in various industries such as aviation, logistics, oil refinery and etc.

The country's stability and the educated Singaporean workers are a big draw attracting investments from overseas.

In the 1990s, Singapore began to invest overseas. Such as The Singapore-Suzhou Industrial Park.

In recent years, Singapore Tourism industry boomed and attracted millions of visitors per year


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