F1 Singapore

A Mega Night Party in September

F1 Singapore is held on 25 Sept to 27 September this year.

Year 2009 is Singapore 2nd time hosting the event. There will be over 30 International and Local celebrities performing during the 3-days event.

The world's only F1 Night Race, held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in the heart of downtown Singapore, this year occasion promises more than 200 performances at the circuit park during race weekend. Artists expected to appear include BSB, Travis, Chaka Khan and Rivermaya.

Tickets can be purchased at any SISTIC outlets and Singapore Post Offices. You can purchase online at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix Official Website.


The Best Time To Visit Singapore

"Do you know that Singapore F1 2009 is held shortly after Ramadan?"

Singapore F1

I have always told my friends to visit Singapore during the second half of the year. Festive celebrations are one after another, you will get to see the beauty of our harmonious multi-racial society and how we share our joy with one another regardless of race and religion.

If you come to Singapore in the months of September to October, check out some of our festivals.

Hari Raya Puasa

An important Muslim festival which marks the end of fasting month. A large scale night market will be set up for one month at Geyland Serai.

Try Muslim street food such as Ramly Burger, Putu Piring, Kebab at the night market. The night market opens around 4pm and gets crowded after breaking of fast every day.

Mid-Autumn Festival

A Chinese Festival in the month of September or October. Visit Chinese Garden for Chinese lanterns display. Remember to sample our moon cakes!

A sweet Chinese pastry made of lotus paste with salted egg yolk. We have Halal moon cakes and I think Singapore is one of the few countries manufacturing Halal moon cakes, try those at "Bengawan Solo" , there is an outlet at Singapore Changi Airport!


A Hindu festival in the month of October or November. Little India will be decorated with festive lights. Get a henna palm painting at Little India! Ladies, for your info henna is a natural herb for skin care!


For more updates of F1 Singapore , check out F1 Singapore Grand Prix Official Website for the latest announcements.


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