Eurasian are people who are of mixed parentage between Europeans and Asians.

The earliest generation was during 15th-16th century age of exploration. When Portuguese arrived at Goa and colonized the region.

In Singapore, the community is small as compared to that of Macao, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia which were once colonized.

Throughout the past century, they contributed much to the Singapore Society in terms of charity, sports competition and in performing Arts.

They mostly came from Malacca (Meleka) where it was one of the most important sea ports in the 16th century between the East and the West.

The Western traders married the locals or their own kind from Goa settled in Malacca and married the local women.

They are mostly Roman Catholics and speak fluent English.

The Association House is worth a visit.

At 139, Ceylon Road, Singapore 429744


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