Durian - An Exortic Fruit

Interesting facts about eating durians

- No one is allowed to carry them onto public transport and public venues.

- They are "heaty" which means it makes your throat feeling dry after consumption. It is similar effect to after eating too much potato chips without drinking water. The best solution is to boil the fruit seeds with water and drink the concoction.

- You are to eat with your hands. Any attempt with using cutlery because you do not want to dirty your hands will reduce the fun. Locals who see you doing that will believe that you are trying to be funny.

- To get rid of the smell from your fingers. Pour water onto the inner surface of its shell and use the same water to wash your hands. Amazingly, it works.

- Don't blame yourself if you hate the fruit while your friends love it. There are occasions when newbies hate the smell of this "King of fruit" at first and fall in love with it thereafter.

- Some people are hardcore fans. They can explore dense forest in Singapore or Malaysia, farms to search for the best durian-tree. It is crazy!

- The number of westerner fans is increasing( I wonder why too)

- You will either love or hate it.


It is an experience!

Many have described their first experience. Some may describe its smell as rotten food or crude petroleum but do not take these accounts too seriously.

Come and try this fruit with an opened mind and who knows, you may just fall for it and come back for more!

Chilled ones are even more creamy!

Other food products.

- Cream Puffs

- Cream Cakes

- Ice-Cream

- Moon Cakes


The Esplanade Theater

Even the aesthetic design of our proudly presented Esplanade Theater is "King-of Fruit" inspired. Locals cannot stop comparing the resemblance of the two, taxi drivers give it a nickname "Liu-Lian-Tou" in Chinese means "The Durian Head"


Where to find in Singapore

Any fruit markets and on of the best places would be at Geylang, along side with other tasty Singapore food.

Hypermarts such as Giant and Carrefour. Go to the fruit sellers near closing time for buy one get one free deals!.


Other Singapore Fruits such as:


- Hard purple shells and always selling alongside with durians.

- There has been research of its excellent antioxidant effect.

Jack fruit.

- It has an odd appearance size of a huge melon of irregular shape and bumpy shell.

- However, its yellow flesh is sweet and has a plesant fragrance often used as cooking ingredients for Malays and Peranakan dishes.

Star Fruit.

- High in vitamin C but not as as sweet as other fruits. The locals like to blend it for juice drinks.


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