Singapore Chinese New Year

It is one of the oldest Chinese tradition and one month prior to Chinese New Year, Chinese perform major house cleaning and decorating their homes.

Red is an auspicious color and Chinese wear red color clothes during New Year visitation.

Never wear black or white clothes as these colors refer to sad occasions such as funerals.

In Singapore, Chinese customs are of mainly Cantonese and Hokkien Influence.

Before the festival, many locals flock to Chinatown and purchase barbeque pork. Long queues are commonly seen outside the more popular barbeque pork stores during the one month preparation.

"Gong Xi Fa Cai” is a greeting used during New Year simply means “Wishing you great prosperity” .

New Year Celebration at Singapore Chinatown

Red color ornaments and auspicious greetings are displayed along Eu Tong Sen Street.

Temporary New Year markets selling food, clothes, flowers and home decorations are everywhere not only at Chinatown but also at major residential areas in Singapore.

At Chinatown, Chinese acrobatic performances are held during the month prior to New Year, they are public performances and free of charge.

You may find Chinatown a little more crowded and hotter than usual. Try our barbecue pork,mutton or beef which are popular especially during new year.

Note: Stalls,shops and restaurants will be closed on the first 3 days of New Year, avoid this time if you plan to visit Chinatown.


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