China Tourism

China Tourism - A country with thousands years of history and multiple ethnic cultures.

I visited China various places and each place has its uniqueness that you cannot find it anywhere else even within the same country.

As I am a Chinese, it is easy for me blending into the locals, tour and ate the local way.



The Capital of China where we spent 10 days while accompanying my for some QiGong there. We visited Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall and the largest book shop in Beijing.

It was truly a capital where people from young to old age engaging with cultural activities.

The Peking Duck is a MUST to try, a great restaurant chain is Quan Ju De. The roasted duck was very tasty, a full meal was only US$25.


The Parks

If you are in Beijing, go and visit one of their many parks in the morning and you will be amazed by the old folks and retirees who are the regulars at the park. There are many activities such as Social Dance, Tai Chi,Chinese Calligraphy and many other activities.


The Great Wall

The only man made feature can be seen from the space. We visited some parts of the Wall which has been as it is since the ancient times. We trekked from morning till afternoon, a good six hours trail.


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