Singapore Changi Airport Transit Lounge Free Activities

Navigation around the Singapore Changi Airport is easy. Pictorial directories of airport facilities information are displayed at every other corner.

Thanks to the Singapore budget airlines, traveling around the region has become cheaper and I have been greatly benefited by it.

Besides, there are many free facilities within the airport, such as free TV, free internet, free X-Box games, free city tour and etc. Not many places provide this much of free facilities, right?

Singapore Airport Free InternetI simply love hanging around the transit lounge of Singapore Airport! What I normally do is to check in as early as possible and enjoy the FREE facilities.

If you are on transit here, Good For You! Enjoy!

Check out Transit Activities at Singapore Airport here...


Familiarize yourself with Singapore Airport by referring to their directories.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

The pictures were taken at Terminal 1. Cafes and food stalls serve a wide selection of food and they are inexpensive. In many other countries' International Airports, food is much more expensive at the Restricted Area but it is not the case in Singapore.


Free electronic Gadgets Charging

Free Electronic gadgets charging

If you mobile phone, Ipod, digital cameras are running out of battery, go to the Free Gadget Charger.

Pigeon holes are available for you to lock up your gadgets while charging. Do remember to claim your item before boarding for the next flight!


Free Internet

Singapore Airport Free Internet Terminals

Internet terminals are availabe all around the Changi Airport transit lounge, this service is free but each user is limited to 15 minutes usage.

If you have a laptop, simply log into Wireless@SG, it is a free wireless service, requires registation.


Singapore Airport Free TV and Movies

Singapore Airport Free Entertainament

Free Television programs and movies are screened 24/7 hours. I like the comfortable seats and I find many have fallen asleep there while watching the programs...

Children Playground

Singapore Airport Children PlaygroundThere are various locations with children playground and free cartoon screening, While mummy and daddy have a cup of expression, the little ones can have their fun too.If you have more than 5 hours transit time, consider a free city tour. Click here for Changi Airport Free Singapore City Tour Details

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