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A Beach Resort Paradise! Just a short flight from Singapore!

Bali vacations are popular among Singapore locals. Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia, 2.5 hours flight from Singapore. It is famous for its beaches ideal for surfing, sun bathing, snorkeling and in some parts of the island, scuba diving such as at Menjangan Island off Bali.

Thanks to the budget airlines in Singapore, flying to other Asia destinations from Singapore has become more affordable. Flights to Bali are aplenty and visitors may want to stop over at Singapore to plan your onward trip to other Asia destinations

My Bali Vacations Blog

Day 1

Our Bali vacations began as we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport by noon, we took t he Airport taxi to Kuta and checked into a hotel along Jalan Legian. After a short rest, we took a Blue Bird Taxi (The most reliable taxi in Indonesia) to Carrefour at Sunset Road, which was a 10 minutes drive from Jalan Legian.

There are places around Kuta where you can get your supplies cheap. Such as Matahari Departmental stores and shops along Poppies Lane 1 and 2. Carrefour at Sunset Road selling local products as well as international products at attractive prices. You can buy souvenirs here such as simple handicrafts, sarongs, Bali Coffee and Tea, hand made bar soap, local food.

After visiting Carrefour, we returned to our hotel and had an early night because we need to rise early for Day 2.

Day 2

If you are traveling with family or with at least 3 persons, hiring a vehicle with a driver is a cheaper and more convenient way for getting around Bali.

Our first itinerary was attending a service at Bukit Doa Church at Nusa Dua. The church architecture and surroundings were spectacular. My husband and I visited Bukit Doa Church back in year 2004 and we returned to this beautiful church with our little toddler son. I was glad meeting some of, the familiar faces we met in year 2004.

After the church service, we en route to Lovina and took the Bedugul route from South to the North of Bali. Bedugul is a mountainous area with beautiful rice terrace scenery and lakes formed at the craters of volcanoes. We had lunch on the mountain and stopped by the twin lakes for relaxation. My little boy too had enjoyed the scenic trip.

We arrive at Lovina around late afternoon and stayed at one of the hotels along Jalan Raya Lovina. We took a family room facing the serene and black sand beach. Lovina is at the north coast of Bali with far lesser tourists as compared to the South, if you want to escape from the crowd and have the beach almost all by yourself, Lovina is a good choice for your bali vacations or holidays.

We were just on time to catch the sunset at the beach. The water is clean and cooling!

The restaurant at the hotel is facing the beach, very relaxing!

Day 3

I enjoyed doing nothing but watching the ocean from my room the entire morning. It is a good way to relax and I will sure return to do more of that!

My son went to swim at the hotel pool in the morning and he had so much fun. In the afternoon, we booked a vehicle with driver and toured around Singaraja town and surroundings.

The town is definitely much quieter as compared to Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran areas. In fact, it is the quietest place of my Bali vacations

A tourism boost is much needed at this part of Bali and so for the life of the Balinese people who lived here. Many mid-range hotels have gone out of business after the 2 Bali bombs. I wish that the recovery can be faster and more visitors should come for more Bali vacations.

Day 4

On the 4th day of our Bali Vacations, we left Lovina and visited a hot spring - Air Panas Banjar, a famous hot spring which was introduced by many guide bookrs. It was only 20 minutes drive away from Lovina. There were many European visitors and the facilities here were sufficient. The water is about 45 Degree Celsius, the soak was wonderful and my little boy refused to leave the hot spring.

After the Hot Spring, our driver brought us to the Strawberry Stop which is a strawberry farm with a Warung - local restaurant. Food prices reasonable, they serve strawberry juice and it is ultimate refreshing!!! We bought 1 kg of strawberry which costs only US$3.

We arrive at Ubud in the late afternoon.

For dinner, we visited the famous Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Meal. There are 2 types of dirty duck, the roasted version and the smoked version. I had the roasted duck for our first night and the taste was very unique.

Day 5

We set off early and had a morning walk around Ubud. It was a 20 minutes walk from our hotel to Ubud Palace but my little boy was getting rowdy and we ended up walking for 1.5 hours. Behind the Ubud Palace, there is this famous roasted suckling pig stall in Bali called Ibu Oka Babi Guling. We visited there twice for lunch. The stall opens from 11 am to 2 pm daily so, be there early.

After Lunch, we visited the Pondek Library and signed up for Balinese Dance classes. My husband selected a Gamelan lesson the following day same time as my dance lesson.

For visitors who want a more cultural Bali vacations, Ubud is where you should visit.

For the rest of the day, rest and relax.

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Day 6

Visited the Padi field behind the Ubud Palace on our day 6 of Bali Vacations, there are a few routes and we visited the easiest one. The view was again, spectacular and the weather was great, breezy and not too hot.

Lunch at Ibu Oka again and returned to the hotel for a short rest before my Balinese Dance lesson.

Balinese Dance is very much related the the Balinese Belief which is Hinduism. I cannot remember the name of the dance I learned but it is something to do with throwing flower petals. I was told that every Balinese girl knows how to Balinese Dance and it is a way to pass on their thousands of years tradition.

In the evening, we had our sumptuous smoked duck dinner, served with a Balinese Rice Wine.

Day 7

A relaxed morning with a Balinese Massage at Zen Spa along Jalan Hanoman in Ubud. The standard of service is high but the charges are very reasonable. Balinese massage should be a must to your Bali Vacations.

We set off to Tanah Lot after lunch. Tanah Lot is one of the greatest holy temples in Bali. It is built on a huge rock amidst big waves. As the view of the temple was so spectacular that we did not mind standing under the hot sun for 2 solid hours. I was never so close to big waves, it was really fun!

The path between Tanah Lot and the car park has many tourist shops selling souvenirs. There were some clothing Factory Outlets selling the same things you see on the street but can be at a fraction of their offered prices. I bought a cotton sun dress at Rp 150,000. Ladies, you may want to cater some time here for shopping.

Day 8

We spent the rest of day 7 and 8 at Kuta. Poppies Lane was where we had our breakfast,lunch and dinner as food prices here the lowest among other tourist areas. Bamboo Corner is a place selling Western, seafood and Indonesian Food and we ate almost every meal there. If you are on a budget Bali vacations, Poppies Lanes is the place to go.

We went to the Kuta Beach and my husband wanted to do some surfing but the waves on that day were too strong. Red Flags were erected along the beach which means no one is allowed entering the water for safety. So, we strolled along the lovely beach for a couple of hours before returning to our hotel for breakfast.

Staying in our air-conditioned hotel room to escape the afternoon heat of Kuta. We watched movies and had some ice-cream in our apartment while my son went for a soak at the swimming pool with his new found friend, Jimmy. Jimmy and mummy Kathrine, I hope you get to read this post.

Day 9

Our return flight was at wee hours in the morning. I was glad my little boy did not complain about waking up early.

It was a wonderful Bali vacations for my entire family and with cheap flights to Bali from Singapore, I will return very soon.

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